Day 1 – Sunrise

~ Liskeard, England. 10.45am. October 1st, 2013

This is the first day of the capture my grief project, first set up by a woman named #CarlyMarie after she lost her own son.

I know this is meant to be of a sunrise, but I woke a little late and didn’t remember until mid-morning. It is grey and groggy, which in way, pretty much sums up the way I am feeling about this month so far. If I think about it, it is pretty much how I feel about the last 4 and a half years since I lost my little girl to stillbirth. This journey is personal to everyone, they grieve in their own way and no-one should tell them otherwise. Some days it can be bright and sunny, other days are so dark, you just want to curl up in a ball and keep the world out.

Day 01 Sunrise


About MamaPedwar

I am a full time, disabled mum to 3 earth children, 1 husband and an angel daughter, named Katie Isobel. I love to bake (and share recipes) and create graphics for friends and family.

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