I Am 1 In 17

This blog may not change the world. It may not even change the way people think. But, if I am able t help just one person who has suffered the same way I have, then I will be happy.

I am the face of stillbirth. I am 1 in 17. I have suffered a parents worst nightmare.

Every day, 1 in 17 babies / children die, either through stillbirth or neonatal. Every day, 1 in 17 new parents have to say goodbye to their children before they are even able to say hello. This is not right.

I hope that by sharing my experiences here, someone will one day come across this and it will make a difference to them in such a devastating time. Whether it is a new angel mum, dad, grandparent, brother, sister or friend, I hope that by reading this, you might be able to gain some comfort in knowing you are not alone.


About MamaPedwar

I am a full time, disabled mum to 3 earth children, 1 husband and an angel daughter, named Katie Isobel. I love to bake (and share recipes) and create graphics for friends and family.

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